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Nexus Call System

Nexus is a budget-friendly wireless call system designed for easy installation and trouble-free operation in hospitals, long-term care facilities and senior living properties. The touchscreen master station lists patient calls by priority in a color coded display. A LED indicator light can be connected to visually notify the mobile staff that a device has been activated. Wireless design allows total flexibility to relocate or add extra equipment as required. As no wire, no conduit is needed. It is also a low cost solution in replacing old and hard-wired systems.


SmartBeds is wireless bed management system for monitoring entire wards or care facilities. The system works with all Rondish wireless devices including cordless sensor pads, floor mats, pendant alarms, and call points, allowing the facility to centralize and streamline their fall management program. All alerts are noise-free and can be customized depending on patient’s condition, creating a quiet environment under your control.

Early Alert Sensor Pad

Different from the conventional sensor pads, this sensor pad gives an early warning when a patient sits on the edge of the bed, providing a caregiver more time to prevent a potential fall.  In addition the pad has a delay in the centre area to help prevent false alarms.  Low false alarms but early alert on leaving the bed for the best solution on the market.

Cordless Under Mattress Bed Pad

Under-mattress sensor pads are a new generation of sensor pad that provide a comfortable, reliable and invisible option for unobtrusive bed monitoring. It functions unnoticeably beneath most mattresses, without direct body contact between the patient and the pad, improving hygiene and reducing infection risk.

Pendant Transmitter

Emergency transmitter equipped with call & fall detection functions, wearable as a wristband or pendant. The big red button allows patient to raise an alarm in the event of emergency. Automatic self adjusting fall-detect is available when worn as pendant. Ideal for hospitals, elderly homes & individual homes.



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