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Low Cost Bed-Exit Monitoring Kit

Allows Freedom for Other Tasks

The pager and infrared motion sensor alarm kit is perfect for at-home caregivers. Position the sensor near bed, chair, or doorway, when your loved one attempts to leave a bed, chair or room, the sensor will signal to the pager instantly and silently, giving the caregivers a chance to act before a fall occurs or their loved one vanishes out the door.  

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The PIR detects within a narrow window like a beam next to the bed. If the resident swings a leg out of the bed, the beam is interrupted and an alarm is generated through the caregiver pager.

Vibration-silent / Sound mode


   Clip on a belt       


   Place on the desk     


  Mount on the wall    

Bracket provided

System Components

PAG-31 (without Light).jpg




Passive Infrared Sensor

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