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InvisaPad is a new under-mattress sensor pad pioneered with self-calibrating technology. It is designed to work with a wide variety of mattresses, including foam, spring and extra-thick varieties. The InvisaPad is placed beneath a mattress, so is invisible to a patient. It detects bed presence or absence of a patient without interrupting sleep. Provide patients with the best comfort. On top of that, novel features like the Early-Alert function also come standard with the InvisaPad. You can switch between Standard and Early-alert modes and adapt to each unique caring condition.


Early-Alert is one of Rondish patented sensor technologies. It detects the process of standing up and notifies caregivers when a patient is sitting at the edge of the bed and about to leave. This can be especially useful for those who have a high risk of bed-related fall. Caregivers can get to the patients before they could make it out of bed by themselves.

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Why InvisaPad ?


More Intelligent

Self-calibrating technology makes the InvisaPad work well with a wide variety of mattresses


More Comfortable

Unobtrusive and nothing touching the body so the monitored person sleeps safe and sound


More Durable

The sensor pad goes beneath the mattress. It will help prevent wear and tear


Less Risk

No direct contact with the patients reduce the risks of cross-contamination


Less Workload

  • Reduce disinfection time

  • Reduce false alarms as the weight of mattress keeps sensor pad in place

  • Reduce your time to reposition the sensor pad 

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